SMTP Relay Server - Make Sending E-mail Easy

Thanks to widespread abuse by spammers the days of open relay SMTP servers seem long gone. It's a shame because the ability to relay our messages through widely available SMTP servers made the whole job of sending e-mail so much easier. Instead we are left in a situation where the average person has between 6 and 10 e-mail accounts - each of which has its own SMTP server for sending messages through - all of which require us to remember usernames and passwords. It's no wonder then that one of the biggest tasks facing ISP support desks is resetting passwords for e-mail accounts!

The situation can be even worse if your ISP blocks port 25 traffic. In order to send e-mail all messages must be routed through their relay server. To go along with this many ISPs also limit access to this SMTP server to only users who connect via their service. This is a huge issue. From your home you may not notice this but the second you travel you suddenly find that the SMTP settings you've been using no longer work (access denied). For people who travel as either part of business or especially those who travel for leisure there has always been the need for a simple SMTP solution that would allow ONE SET OF SMTP SETTINGS TO BE USED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD AND ON ANY NETWORK.

Whilst several services offer relaying if you authenticate yourself (Gmail for example) they do have issues with sending e-mails on behalf of other addresses. To the recipient this can all look very confusing (e-mails appearing to come from several addresses). To date we have only found one service that truely allows you to relay messages from any device, from anywhere in the world. It is a service that goes by the name of SMTP2Go. SMTP2GO is the closest thing to a good old fashioned open relay server that you'll find. For a very small fee they let you use their server to relay mail messages from as many e-mail accounts as you like - you get to retain your existing e-mail addresses you simply use their SMTP server to do the sending. It works a treat across all devices, from desktops and laptops to iPhones. For those people who have port 25 blocked by their ISP SMTP2Go even allow you to connect to their server on several other ports making it the perfect solution for your home e-mail as well. By using the SMTP2Go server you can retain one set of settings for all your e-mail addresses and then when you're on the move you'll still have no problems sending e-mail. Put it this way, if you can find a wireless hotspot to connect to the internet then you'll be able to use SMTP2Go to send you e-mails!